A new perspective for Indians.


Ab Raja ka beta Raja nahi banega,

Wahi banega jo haqdaar he.

This quote makes so much sense when we see it in terms of opportunities and facilities

But still, in India we have not been following this rule to its fullest extent.

Kids in India, start thier schooling only with so much ‘biaspana'(I don’t know if it makes sense, but samajh gaye hoge)

The ones whose parents are rich, get into top class international schools

While the ones who aren’t, get into some inferior govt schools, where not only they don’t get facilities or amenities but neither they get basic requirements and proper education too.

This initiates the child’s growth by the thing which sets in the back of thier mind that they aren’t capable of any luxury or any good lifestyle in thier whole life.

Now that, is not a good sign for developing countries like India, because even the ones who are capable of producing profits to the country do get suppresed, they don’t get out of thier shell

Now, this can be solution to these kinda problems:

There mustn’t be large difference in the quality of education atleast in the initial years of a child’s growth

Everyone must be more or less at the same level, having similar facilities and quality of education should be equal

After the initial years, there definitely (must not!) be any kind of discrimination on “baap ka paisa”

I loved the tradition to which the people from west follow,

Thier parents send their children to live independently, they need to earn on thier own and learn life lessons at a very young age

Where as in India, parents feel so much inferior about thier own children

They feel so much insecure about thier children, and even until 24-25 age, these children stay under thier parents shed without getting a single penny into the house.

Why not do small chores/jobs to get that extra pocket money?

That’s because in India if we do anything other than studies atleast until 20, then there’s definitely*paiso ki tangi*in their home.

Americans and many other countries support thier children to start off with small yet meaningful jobs, though you may not earn a lot but have a look at the life lessons you earn by doing those.

Where as in India small jobs are a sign of shame for a peer pressured guy.

Because thats the kinda mentality we’ve developed towards students who do anything else than studies

If we change this kinda mentality, a developed India is not as far as you think!

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So, we always have this chaos going in our head,

Should I plan my days on each and every minute basis

Or should I just go with the flow and live an unpredictable yet tension free life(mentioning this because following a time table for each and every minute of your life can be a heck of a load )

A simple question…

What can be ruined quickly?

A well set time table

Or the decision to make quick yet effective decisions how and whenever required

Well, of course

When we see our time table shattering down into pieces

That can demotivate us to another extent.

Whereas by taking quick yet effective decision is a lot less trouble, and also if the decision turns up to making some great profit to you or something good in your life

You will see how much of a confidence you develop into yourselves.

And how important is this ability



The ability to camouflage into the surroundings, mixing along with the environment helps us to tackle may many problems of today’s world

And that only comes when you start taking spontaneous decisions

And it’s not like you must always be on the winning side

Sometimes it may also fail miserably

But again

It’s a game of trial and error

And then think whatever suits you the best!

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Well,as we say “change is the only constant in life”

It’s relevant to the highest extent we could possibly think of.

Life has not given you a pathway to run on,

But it gives you the opportunity and the allowance to create your own and then run as fast as you can on the path you created!

And that’s why I believe that life must be spontaneous!

Well of course you can have a rough sketch about what you are gonna do in this year

But a timely schedule,and the record of every minute of your life, it actually sucks all the essence of life.

Life is unpredictable,and therefore we must learn to adapt to it, as in learn to take spontaneous decisions.

You never know, the plans you say no to

And sit in home while rubbing your ass on that comfy bed, binge watching series of Netflix

Yeah right!saying yes to those plans are of course the better option

You actually never know what memories you gonna create

One thing, Give it a shot!

I bet you won’t regret

That’s it for today ,

Just try to take spontaneous decisions and see the magic!

Will continue and describe this topic in the next blog.

Well this was one of the pictures from the trip that wasn’t planned at all!